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FCC Issues Notice of Violation to SE Texas Radio Broadcaster

The FCC has issued a notice violation to Cumulus Licensing LLC, licensee of KBED-AM Nederland for operating an AM daytime station “in accordance with the station authorization.” 

In response to a complaint, a field agent from the FCC’s Dallas Office monitored KBED by taking field strength measurements before and after local sunset. 

The FCC said ”the agent noticed the power was not off after sunset in accordance with the station authorization,” a violation of 47 CFR § 73.1745(a) which says  “no broadcast station shall operate at times, or with modes or power, other than those specified and made a part of the license, unless otherwise provided in this part.” 

Additionally, the agent “noticed the door at one of the antenna towers was down,” a violation of 47 CFR § 73.49 which says “antenna towers having radio frequency potential at the base (series fed, folded unipole, and insulated base antennas) must be enclosed within effective locked fences or other enclosures.”

The next day the FCC field agent met with the station engineer who “confirmed the problem with the station not powering off at night was due to the failure of remote system” and who also “admitted the door was down due to the flooding in the area.” 

The FCC said in its notice of violation that the door was repaired that day.

The FCC has given KBED 20 days to report additional information the commission seeks including any remedial actions taken.

In its notice of violation, the commission noted that further action, if warranted, “including issuing a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture for the violation(s).”

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