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FCC downgrades two stations for “kid vid” issues

The FCC has downgraded KGLR-TV Lubbock and KFLZ-CA San Antonio from Class A to LPTV status after both stations failed “to make the required filing of quarterly FCC Form 398,” the Children’s Television Programming Report.

In two letters sent in 2011, the FCC requested Lubbock Television Company to provide information concerning its failure to file the station’s reports “for the second, third and fourth quarters in 2009 and all four quarters in 2010. 

Both letters required that the information be provided within 30 days of the date of the letter, and cautioned that failure to provide the information could result in a change of the station’s status from Class A television to low power television. 

LTC failed to respond to the letters and was afforded until March 30, to file a written statement why its license should not be modified.

LTC did not file a written statement in response to the Order to Show Cause, resulting in the FCC’s action this month.

It mirrored the case of KFLZ-CA San Antonio, licensed to B Communications Joint Venture.

The FCC sent letters in March and August of 2011 regarding  KFLZ’s “apparent failure to make the required filing of quarterly FCC Form 398or the station for all four quarters in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.” 

KFLZ was also issued an Order to Show Cause and was given until March 30 to respond, which it did not, resulting in the FCC’s downgrade of status.

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