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Dec. 12 deadline looms for Annual Public Service Survey

 - TAB readies annual report for DC, Austin lawmakers

Texas TV & Radio stations have until Friday, Dec. 12 to submit their 2014 Public Service Survey for TAB’s annual report to lawmakers in Austin and DC. 

The 15-year research project has generated invaluable information on Texas broadcasters’ service to local communities, demonstrating our industry’s unique role in the media marketplace.

To date, TAB has documented $4.8 billion in public service contributions by Texas stations. 

The data gleaned from the survey have been a powerful tool in TAB’s advocacy efforts before regulators and lawmakers.

Each year, the survey focuses on a particular component of stations’ good work in addition to the general public service stations provide. 

This year, the subject is a station’s investment in news. 

This component was selected to help policymakers better understand the extraordinary commitment required to produce meaningful local journalism and to help distinguish between true journalists and opinionated bloggers and news aggregators.

As always, responses are confidential; only aggregate results are reported. 

They are compiled by Dr. August Grant, formerly of UT-Austin’s College of Communications, who serves as TAB’s consultant on this project to ensure accuracy of the report.

TAB does not extrapolate data, so every station in Texas is asked to respond. 

For the first time, this year’s survey can be completed electronically in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Download here

Note that a separate form is needed for each station.

Questions? Contact TAB’s Craig Bean or call (512) 322-9944.

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