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Broadcasters Mourn Loss of Jim Baum

Jim Baum, longtime owner/operator of KVMC/KAUM Colorado City, passed away Sunday night after recently being diagnosed with leukemia. He was 82.

Baum had fought cancer before and kept plugging away at what he loved – serving the citizens of Colorado City with a mix of local news, wry observations, history, music and mirth.

Although KVMC signed on in 1950 as “the Voice of Mitchell County,” most folks in that area will tell you Baum was THE voice of Mitchell Co. 

Baum was always quick to point out that he didn’t do it alone – his wife Linda and a small group of like-minded souls all worked at the station to make it happen.

In addition to his work in broadcasting, Baum served many years as Mayor of Colorado City, and authored three books, one of which is a collection of Mitchell Co. history and trivia. 

He got into broadcasting after a minor league baseball career came to an end. 

After working at stations in Abilene, Midland and Big Spring, he achieved a personal goal of owning his own station when he purchased KVMC in the early 1980’s.  Baum added KAUM-FM after a few years to “double the fun.”

Baum’s dedication to keeping the community informed and entertained was extraordinary, whether it meant staying on the air well into the night to bring word of area wildfires in 2011, or dodging a tornado in 2004 to keep citizens up to date when bad weather rolled through the area.

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Colorado City Mayor Jim Baum Dies (

Friends and family are sharing memories of Baum on the official KVMC/KAUM Radio Facebook Page

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