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Averting Ad Tax key to advancing economic activity

 - Federal tax reform effort could jeopardize key provision

As congressional leaders continue their efforts to reform the federal tax code, broadcasters and other industries are encouraging them to preserve the full deductibility of advertising costs which has been in place since the inception of the federal income tax. Reducing or eliminating the deduction could jeopardize renewed efforts to stimulate economic growth.

TAB is delivering that message in a series of visits to Capitol Hill next week to ensure the House Ways & Means Committee’s current blueprint for tax reform doesn’t waiver on this key policy provision, though any reform effort likely won’t be finalized until 2018.

Currently, advertising helps produce 1.7 million jobs in Texas – about 14.6 percent of all jobs in the state. That comes to 66 Texas jobs for every $1 million spent on advertising.

Overall, advertising helps generate $531.5 billion (yes, with a “b”) in economic activity in Texas – 15 percent of the state’s economic activity.

These statistics come from an IHS research effort commissioned by NAB.  Similar statistics are being provided for individual congressional districts to help drive home the extraordinary – and often surprising – impact that advertising has throughout the state.

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