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Arnold to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

TAB will present the association's first Lifetime Achievement Award to TAB President Ann Arnold at the Annual Awards Gala.

The gala is set for Thursday, Aug. 9 from 8-10 p.m. at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. Winners of TAB's other major awards ?? Pioneer, Broadcaster and Educator of the Year ?? will be announced in mid-July.

?Ann's extraordinary, continuing leadership of the TAB over the past 20 years and for the foreseeable future is an inspiration to all Texas broadcasters. Her passion for advancing the interests of our industry in Austin and Washington continues to reap rewards for the state's 1,200+ radio and television stations,? said TAB Chairman Jerry Bobo, regional manager for First Broadcasting Co., LP.

Since Arnold joined TAB in 1987, the association has increased membership more than 50 percent; vastly expanded member services; constructed a permanent home in Austin; defeated numerous legislative proposals that would have created enormous hardships for broadcasters and the communities they serve; become a stalwart defender of open government; and advanced several major state and federal policy issues that have contributed to the economic vitality of the Texas broadcast industry.

As a strong proponent of the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Arnold has led state and national efforts to develop this system into the alert and warning system Americans deserve.

Her tenacious negotiations with the telecommunications industry more than a decade ago resulted in the first state must-carry/retransmission consent policy for phone companies entering the video and audio services market. The legislation ensures Texans will have access to their local television and radio stations as phone companies begin offering such services.

?While we look forward to many more years of Ann's leadership, we believe it's important to seize the moment and honor Ann for all she has done. I could not possibly imagine how TAB could have accomplished all it has over the past two decades without Ann's leadership,? Bobo said.

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