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Webinar: You and #MeToo

Topic:  Crisis Management for Media Companies Addressing Sexual Harassment Complaints

Date:  Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Time:  12 noon-1:15pm Central (1 pm Eastern; 11 am Mountain; 10 am Pacific)


TAB is partnering with Pillsbury in presenting a webinar on March 20 for broadcasters and other media companies responding to the #MeToo movement. 

After being fed in its infancy by media coverage, the #MeToo movement is now consuming media companies of all sizes, with nearly daily reports of sexual harassment charges. The media industry is hardly unique in that regard, but the impact can be greater in media, where the target of a complaint may not only be a public face of the company, but one of its principal products as well. What might be a simple employment action for other businesses can be akin to shutting down a product line for a media company.

Regardless, it is guaranteed to be a high-profile, carefully scrutinzed process that is part crisis management, part employment law, and part public relations.  For all involved, it can be handled well...or poorly, exposing the company to liability from complaintants, accused employees, and shareholders.

Join us as we discuss what to do before a complaint arises, and equally important, what to do next, in the webinar for all segments of the media industry.

Registration is FREE to TAB Members!

Questions? Contact Erin Eversole at 615-622-3735.

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