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San Antonio Sales Seminar: Paul Weyland

TAB is hitting the road with sales guru Paul Weyland for two regional sales seminars!

In this session local broadcast sales expert Paul Weyland shows you how to take control of the front-end of the local direct sale (the creative idea) and the back-end, asking for and getting an annual commitment.  

Weyland covers how to come up with million-dollar ideas your clients will want to buy, at rate card. Then he'll show you how to do a simple ROI calculation that motivates clients to want to triple or quadruple their investment on your station, regardless of your rates, ratings, market size or format.

You’ll also learn the importance of cutting through clutter by using headlines that compel local decision makers to return your calls and emails, how to draft a proposal that your clients will want to read and why your price is the last thing you should compromise when trying to attract new business, even in a recession.

Then, Weyland opens up the session to attendees and takes on any product/service category you can think of.

On the spot, we’ll come up with great ideas you can take back to your market and use immediately. Because this is a Paul Weyland session not only will you come away with dozens of ideas you can use immediately, but you’ll also be thoroughly entertained.

  • New Categories and Services to Prospect
  • Great New Headlines to Get Appointments with Local Direct Decision makers
  • How to Write Proposals that Your Clients Want to Read (The SOS Proposal)
  • How to Do The Ultimate Presentation-To Sell the Truth
  • How to Handle Objections
  • How to Close without Looking like a Jerk
  • The Importance of Asking for the Annual Commitment-What's in it for You, What's in in for the Client
  • How to do Genius Creative whether You're a Creative Genius or Not
  • How to Look and Act like a Digital Magician
  • How to Sell The "Small Market Advantage"
  • How to Close Long-term at Rate Card Regardless of Ratings, Format, Geography or Program
  • How to Close Using a Simple ROI calculation

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