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Power Up Your Reporting - Parts 1 and 2

Audience: Perfect for TV reporters, MMJs, photojournalists and for assignment editors and producers who want to more effectively coach and partner with reporters.

Instructor: Al Tompkins, Senior Faculty, The Poynter Institute

Session #1 - July 20

  1. How to think visually, even when you are working in a COVID-19 world
  2. The elements of a great story lead
  3. The elements of a great tease
  4. How to land great soundbites and know them when you have them
  5. How to turn important (but hard to tell) topics into compelling stories
  6. The power of natural sound as journalism, not decoration

Session #2 - July 21

  1. What exactly is active voice and why it matters to journalism
  2. The secret to the first 10 seconds of a live shot
  3. Balancing creativity and clarity
  4. The power of setting
  5. The power of surprises: what goes where in a story and why
  6. The power of word-order in sentences. (Hint: This is Morgan Freeman's secret to impactful speaking)


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About the Instructor
Al Tompkins is one of America's most requested broadcast journalism and multimedia teachers and coaches.  After nearly 30 years working as a reporter, photojournalist, producer, investigative reporter, head of special investigations and News Director, Tompkins joined Poynter. He is the author of "Aim for the Heart" a textbook about multimedia storytelling that has been adopted by more than 100 universities worldwide. Tompkins has taught in 49 states, Canada, Egypt, Denmark, South Africa, Iceland and the Caymans.

Note: this webinar will be archived and available one week after the live event:

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