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Keeping the Keepers

Topic: Keeping the Keepers

Date/Time: Thurs., Dec. 8 | 1 PM CENTRAL

Speaker: Al Tompkins, Poynter Institute

This is a session for newsroom managers who are desperate to retain employees at a time when newsrooms are desperate to hire employees because of an extraordinary turnover rate in the last two years.

In this session:

  • Learn the key motivators for why people stay in a job and why they leave
  • Hear new research on key life-events that often lead to an employee deciding to leave their jobRegister Online
  • Find out how different generations of employees have different reasons for staying in a job or leaving it
  • See the one thing that 52% of people who left their job last year said might have convinced them to stay (it was not money)

Note: this webinar will be archived and available one week after the live event:

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