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Interviewing Essentials

Topic: Interviewing Essentials

Date/Time: Tues., Dec. 13 | 11 AM CENTRAL

Speaker: Al Tompkins, Poynter Institute

We spend a lot of effort learning how to capture better video, how to write and edit. But the core of all journalism is interviewing and listening.

This session will:

  • Show you why “where” you talk with people can be nearly as important as what you ask them
  • Explain how to avoid a “double barrel” question that usually produces a useless answer
  • Demonstrate how some questions produce facts while others produce memorable soundbitesRegister Online
  • Deconstruct an interview question by question to examine what works and why
  • Teach you ways to talk respectfully with vulnerable people including children, crime victims and people who experienced tragedy

 This session is loaded with examples and interactivity. We will focus on usability with the goal of making this session useful on your next shift.

Note: this webinar will be archived and available one week after the live event:

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