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ProTelevision Technologies A/S

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Corporate Information

Phone: (455) 124-8763
Vakhoejs Allé 176. First Floor
Roedovre, Copenhagen m9w 6r5
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Primary Contact

Mr. Carlos Lara Holgado
Phone: (455) 124-8763

About ProTelevision Technologies A/S

At PROTELEVISION TECHNOLOGIES we live by the philosophy:
“Adding value to the Global Broadcasting Industry for mutual success”.
We Provide value proposition solutions to our customers, giving them an advantageous market position and have more than 30.000 Exciters installed worldwide in daily operation.
We offer advanced future proof platforms based on accumulated expertise of digital information distribution. We provide the easiest way to switch to the new frequencies (due to the Spectrum Repack) in ATSC 1.0, while ensuring a solution that will not become obsolete at any time. PROTELEVISION TECHNOLOGIES ATSC 1.0 Exciter can be upgraded by remote software updates to:
- SFN mode or M/H mode support.
- ATSC 3.0, being the unique platform in the market allowing this upgrade.
- OPTIPOWER - power and efficiency enhancement feature with direct cost reduction.

Our references
In connection with the Spectrum Repack, new equipment will be required.
PROTELEVISION TECHNOLOGIES (formerly Philips TV & Test Equipment division) provides Professional Digital Exciters for the Broadcasting Industry Worldwide:
- More than 30.000 Exciters in daily operation worldwide.
- Hundreds of ATSC 1.0 (M/H and SFN operation) installed in the USA.
- Thousands of ATSC 1.0 Exciters installed in South Korea.
- More than 1.000 ATSC 1.0 installed in México and Caribbean Area.
- 100% market dominance (world’s only reference) ATSC 3.0 in South Korea supporting SFN and STL distribution including LDM and Multiple PLP.
- Biggest (coverage wise) ongoing ATSC 3.0 deployment in USA .

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