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Associate Directory

Nearly 1,300 radio and television stations across the state rely on the support and expertise of the Texas Association of Broadcasters’ Associate Members. This directory lists key contacts for each member company, along with a brief description of each firm’s products/services. Join TAB and have your firm listed in the directory!

Changes & Updates

We need your help to ensure we have the most current information possible. Each member company is 100% in cotrol over which information is listed on our website. See directions here to make changes/updates to your listing.

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  • Advertising, Sales/Marketing & Promotions
  • Antennas, Towers Equipment & Services
  • Associations & Government Agencies
  • Audio Equipment
  • Audio Software
  • Brokers
  • Closed Captioning
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Services
  • Computer Software
  • EAS Equipment & Services
  • Electricity & Power
  • Facilities Installation & Management
  • Freelance
  • HD Radio
  • HD Television
  • Information & Research Services
  • Insurance
  • Internet/Online Services
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Mobile Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • News Services
  • Programming & Content
  • Remote & Microwave
  • Set/Lighting Design
  • Systems Integration & Installation
  • Test, Measurement & Monitoring Equipment
  • Training & Consulting
  • Transmitters Equipment & Services
  • Video Equipment
  • Video Services
  • Weather Services
Name Primary Contact Name
360 Systems, Inc. Mr. Robert Nilo
AAdyn Technology LLC Mr. Walter Lefler
Accelerated Media Technologies Inc. Mr. Thomas Jennings
AccuWeather, Inc. Mr. Chris Gavlock
Adorama Business Solutions Mr. Jason Neureiter
Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance Mr. Lee Miller
AJA Video Systems Mr. John Ladle
AJT Systems A Division of Daktronics Mr. Jason Finder
Aldis Systems, Inc. Mr. Chuck Wailor
Alive Telecom Mr. Dan Barton
Allied Powers LLC Mr. Joshua Greenman
American Amplifier Technologies, LLC Mr. Brian Toon
AmWINS Program Underwriters Ms. Laurie McKenzie
Apantac, LLC Mr. Thomas Tang
Artel Video Systems Ms. Joanne Pederson
ASCAP Mr. Ray Schwind
ATEME Ms. Dorota Bouskela
AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corporation (AVBB) Mr. Tommy Goodson
AWS Elemental Mr. Chad Rounsavall
Barger Broadcast Services, Inc. Mr. John Barger
Baron Mr. Mike Mougey
BeckTV Mr. Fred Wright
Bitcentral, Inc. Mr. Sam Peterson
Blackmagic Design Ms. Janette Clark
Broadcast Depot Corp. Mr. Tim Jobe
Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) Ms. Jessica Frost
Broadcast Pix Mr. Chuck Williamson
Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW) Mr. John Lynch
Broadcast Works Mr. Steve Comer
Broadcasters General Store (BGS) Mr. Buck Waters
Burbio Mr. Dennis Roche
Burst Communications, A Division of Key Code Media Mr. Barry Samuels
Cablecast Community Media by Tightrope Media Systems Mr. Elliot Wesen
Calrec Mr. Dave Lewty
Canon USA Mr. Matthew Carman
CASTUS Corporation Ms. Kirstin King
CBS Television Distribution Mr. Kevin Frady
Cineo Lighting Ms. Heather Roberts
Clark Wire & Cable Mr. Tim Kearns
Clear Marketing Concepts Ms. Cheryl Kirby
Clear-Com Mr. John Kruman
CNN Newsource Sales Mr. Carlos Baez
Coast to Coast Tower Service, Inc. Ms. Mary Faulkenberry
Cobalt Digital Inc. Chris Shaw
COLONYLive Ms. Karen Morriss
Come And Talk It Mr. Michael Cargill
Comrex Corporation Mr. Chris Crump
Comscore Ms. Angie Fenske
Continental Electronics Corporation Mr. Dale Dalesio
Cool-Lux Mr. Jim Fennig
Cox Media Group Mr. Mark Krieschen
CP Communications Mr. James Monroe
Creative Dimensions Mr. Joey Roy
Creative Satellite Solutions (HDTVdish Inc.) Mr. Dallas Yenawine
CreativeReady Mr. Jamie Aplin
CueScript Mr. Michael Accardi
DAC SYSTEM SA Mr. Pietro Casati
Dalet Digital Media Systems USA Inc. Mr. Mario Mekler
DEFcom Advisors, LLC Mr. Doug Ferber
Dejero Ms. Aislynn Cooper
DeSisti Lighting Ms. Brandianne Irle
Dialight Corporation Mr. Tom Amador
Dielectric, LLC Ms. Kim Savage
Digital Broadcast Equipment Inc Mr. Dorian Vasquez
Digital Broadcast Inc. Mr. Kenneth Ostmo
Digital Resources, Inc. Mr. Tim Bock
Disney-ABC Home Entertainment & Television Distribution Mr. Steve Orr
DJB Radio / DJB Software Inc Mr. Ron Paley
DNF Controls Mr. Fred Scott
DoubleRadius Inc. Mr. Philip Rose
DPA Microphones Mr. Jarrod Renaud
Drake Lighting Ms. Audrey May
DTV Innovations Mr. Benitius Handjojo
DVEO Mr. Laszlo Zoltan
E-N-G Mobile Systems, Inc. Mr. Rex Reed
Eastlan Ratings Mr. Scott Gilreath
Eckstein, Summers Armbruster & Company Mr. Adam Armbruster
Elenos Group / Broadcast Electronics Mr. Perry Priestley
Elepscor Communications, LLC Ms. Annie Billings
ENCO Systems Mr. Ken Frommert
Enertech Resources Mr. Jason Samford
Entertainment Studios Mr. Tony Fasola
Entravision Communications Mr. Christopher Moncayo
ERI - Electronics Research, Inc. Bill Harland
Evertz Jeff Smith
FDH Infrastructure Services Mr. Don Doty
Fletcher Heald & Hildreth PLC Ms. Davina Sashkin, Esq.
Florical Systems Mr. Ron Caird
FLUOTEC Ing Jose Maria Noriega
FOR-A Corp. of America Ms. Mika Rapadas
Frank N. Magid Associates Mr. Brian Ahladas
Frezzi Mr. Kevin Crawford
Frontline Communications Ms. Tracy Brink
Ft. Bend Broadcast Services, LLC Mrs. Anita Easter
Fujifilm North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division Mr. Bret Shisler
G-Technology Mr. Max Andes
GatesAir Mr. Dave Hopson
GBS - Giesler Broadcasting Supply, Inc. Mr. Dan Giesler
Gepco International/General Cable Mike Vivian
Grass Valley USA, LLC Ms. Annette Pezzotti
Gray Television, Inc. Mr. Brad Streit
Hanszen Laporte Mr. Kent Hanszen
Harmonic, Inc. Mr. Fred Ramsey
Haynes and Boone, LLP Ms. Laura Prather
Heartland Video Systems Mr. Mark Bartolotta
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark Mr. Jack McAnulty
HUBER+SUHNER Mr. Anthony Walker
IHSE USA Mr. Dan Holland
Ikan International Ms. Natalie Cheng
Ikegami Electronics Mr. James Dobbins
Imagine Communications Ms. Marien Areco
Innovative Environments Mr. Rick Terry
Jackson Walker LLP Mr. Charles Babcock
JAMPRO Antennas, Inc. Ms. Sonia Del Castillo
JB&A Mr. Jon BIrd
Joseph Electronics Bo Reames
JVC Professional Video Mr. Brad Bassett
K&L Gates LLP Ms. Cindy Ohlenforst
Kathrein Broadcast Americas Mr. Les Kutasi
KimCo Meteorological Services Mr. Troy Kimmel
Koll Ltd Mr. Chris Harlocker
Krazybirdz Entertainment Ms. Patty Ochoa
L & F Distributors Mr. Joe LaMantia III
Lanco Technical Services, Inc. Mr. Lance Parr
LAWO Group USA Mr. Don Bird
Leader Instruments Corporation Mr. Pete Anderson
Learfield IMG College Ms. Danielle Brower
Lectrosonics, Inc. Mr. Max Francis
Legrand I AV Doug Robertson
Libec Mr. Jose Larios
LinkUP Communications Corp. Ms. Karen Johnson
LiveU, Inc. Mr. Mike Savello
Logitek Electronic Systems, Inc. Mr. John Davis
LS Global Partners Mr. Mike Provancha
LS telcom, Inc. Mr. Casey Joseph
Lubbock Audio Visual, Inc. Mr. Stan Wagnon
Lumens Integration Inc Ms. Helen Perlegos
LumenServe Mr. Kevin Bethke
Manios Digital & Film Mr. David Butler
Marsand, Inc. Mr. Matthew Sanderford, Jr., P.E.
Marshall Electronics David Hubble
Media Services Group, Whitley Media Mr. Bill Whitley
MediaKind Mr. Bill Cordo
Mediaproxy Pty Ltd Mr. Erik Otto
Microcom Systems Mr. Dick Pickens
Miller Camera Support, LLC Mr. Gus Harilaou
Miller Kaplan Mr. Steve Scadden
Millhouse Entertainment Mildred Batts
Mobile Power Mr. Mike Queen
MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems Allyson Patanella
MusicMaster Scheduling Mr. Joseph Knapp
Myat, Inc. Mr. Philip Cindrich
NanliteUS Mr. Barry Garcia
Nautel Mr. Jeff Wilson
Nelco Media Mr. Philip Nelson
Nemal Electronics Intl Inc Mr. Benjamin Nemser
Nexstar Media Group Ms. Julie Pruett
NPR Satellite Services Joe Schifano
NVERZION Mr. Reed Haslam
Octopus Newsroom Americas, Inc. Mr. Gene Sudduth
Omega Broadcast & Cinema, LP Mr. Gus Archer
Orbital Media Networks, Inc. (OMNi) Mr. Sam Dibrell, Jr.,
Osborn Content Media Technology Mr. Don Archiable
Panasonic Mr. James Long
Pebble Broadcast Systems Mr. Eric Openshaw
Persistent Systems, LLC Ms. Kayla Lively
Perstruo Texas, Inc. dba Pratt on Texas Mr. Robert Pratt
Philips Entertainment Lighting Ms. Jennifer Michalak
PMG | Paradigm Marketing Group Mr. Bob Phillips
Power Brokers LLC Mr. Tom Kinser
Precision Camera and Video Mr. Park Street
Prime Focus Technologies Ms. T Shobhana / Crouse-Kimzey Company Mr. Mark Bradford
ProTelevision Technologies A/S Mr. Carlos Lara Holgado
Quantum Mr. Forrest Quinn
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) Nick Wymant
Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) Mr. William Velez
RCS Mr. Jim Colley
Reach Media, Inc. Ms. Amy Bert
Regional Reps Corp. Ms. Shayna Sharpe
Research and Analysis of Media (RAM) Mr. Ola Tornerud
Revenue Development Resources, Inc. (RDR) Mr. Mark Levy
RF Specialties of Texas Mr. Dan Sessler
Riedel Communications Inc. Ms. Joyce Bente
Rio Steel & Tower, Ltd. Mr. Keith Cendrick
RodeoHouston Mr. James Davidson
Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. Greg Martin
Roland Corporation US Mr. Lon Mass
RollTechs Specialty Vehicles Mr. Ron Laurence
Rose Electronics David Rahvar
Ross Video Harry Friedman
RTS Intercom Systems Mr. Britt Bowers
RUSHWORKS Mr. Rush Beesley
Sabre Industries Mr. Terrance Becht
SAF North America Mr. John Dulany
SCMS, Inc. Mr. Bob Cauthen
SEG a Division of WESCO Mr. Monty Dent
Sencore, Inc. Ms. Chelsea Hamann
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation Ms. Tania Pampena
SESAC, Inc. Ms. Maxine Edwards
Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing Ms. Karen Purcell
Shively Labs Mr. Dale Ladner
Shotoku Broadcast Systems Mr. Matt Servis
Sinclair Broadcast Group Mr. John Seabers
Slatercom-WCD Mr. Al Slater
SoCast Digital Mr. Elan Sibila
Software Generation Limited (SGL) Mr. Mickey Charles
Solid State Logic (SSL) Mr. George Horton
Sony Electronics, Inc. Ms. Linda Croson
Sony Pictures Television Mr. Zach Hernandez
Spectra Logic Ms. Katie Hannon
SPINNER GmbH Mr. Alexandra Frederick
Starchannel Marketing, LLC Mr. Emmett Wells
SuiteLife Systems Mr. Kenny Miller
SWIT Electronics USA, LLC Ms. Joyce Li
T-Mobile Ms. Katie Miller
Tacher Radio Reps Mr. Gregory Tacher
TEGNA Mr. Bruce Cummings
Telescript West, Inc. Mr. Jim Stringer
Telestream Mr. Doug Hinahara
Teradek Mr. Andrew Ng
Texas Army National Guard
Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network Mr. Carey Martin
Texas Media Systems Mr. Terry Nixon
Texas State Networks (TSN) Mr. Raul Jaurequi
Texas Veterans Commission Ms. Elaine Zavala
The Big E Sports Show Ms. Elissa Walker Campbell
The Nielsen Company Mr. David Verska (TV)
The Starr Agency Ms. Mary Starr
The Telos Alliance Mr. John Bisset
Thomson Broadcast Mr. Aby Alexander
Tieline, The Codec Company Ms. Dawn Shewmaker
TitanTV, Inc Ms. Heidi Steffen
TM Television Mr. Mike Halbrook
Toner Cable Equipment Mr. Jon Kipp
Total Channel Media Inc. Mrs. Lisa Kirtley
Total Traffic & Weather Network Mr. John Winder
Triveni Digital, Inc. Mr. Eric Knapik
TVU Networks Ms. Britany Carrolan
TWR Lighting, Inc. Mr. Jason Davis
UBS / LARCAN / AXCERA Mr. David Dane
Ultimate Energy Advisors, LLC Mr. Bob Schiff
UNISET LLC Ms. Liana Casciani
UniSoft Corporation Mr. Guy Hadland
Univision Communications Inc. Mr. David Loving
USTN - US Traffic Network Mr. David Waskiewicz
Utah Scientific, Inc. Mr. Barry Singer
Vela Mr. Ken Rubin
Vertical Bridge Mr. Joe Meleski
Video Clarity, Inc. Mr. Adam Schadle
Vinson & Elkins LLP Mr. Thomas Leatherbury
Vislink Technologies Julie Winemiller
Vitec Group Ms. ErinRose Widner
Voice of Southwest Agriculture Radio Network Mr. Derrick Nance
Warner Bros. TV Mr. Patrick Parish
Weather Metrics Mr. Loren Tobia
Wedel Software Mr. Jeffrey Kimmel
Westwood One Mr. Dennis Green
Wheatstone Corporation Mr. Brad Harrison
WideOrbit Mr. Danny Tankersley
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP Mr. David Oxenford
WIN Media Group Mr. Mark Windell
Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP Mr. Gregg Skall
WorldCast Systems / WorldCast Connect Mr. Tony Peterle
Xperi Mr. Rick Greenhut