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Stations’ support of TAB’s Public Education Program, established in 1994, allows TAB to offer a wide range of direct services to stations in addition to the invaluable legislative representation in Austin and DC. 

The NCSA program helps government and non-profit entities deliver important public education messages to the entire state for a nominal fee, generating revenues that make the following services possible.             

Alternative Broadcast Inspections

TAB initiated this program in 1997 through a unique partnership with the FCC.  One of our team of five ABIP inspectors reviews stations for compliance with FCC regulations and advises stations on corrections needed to achieve compliance.  Successful inspections, which are voluntary and partly underwritten by TAB, garner participating stations a three-year waiver from routine, surprise FCC inspections.  With FCC fines starting in excess of $4,000, this program is inexpensive “peace of mind” insurance for Texas stations!

Legal Hotline, Guides and Political Updates

TV and radio GMs and key staff routinely turn to TAB for free legal help on topics ranging from interpretation of FCC regulations and advertising copy questions, to tax concerns and newsroom issues. TAB retains top law firms in Austin, Dallas, Houston and DC to secure answers to routine questions and saving stations thousands in legal costs.  Members also have 24/7 online access to a wide range of legal guides and answers to frequently asked questions. During election years, TAB’s “Political Update” emails keep station managers, sales staff and newsrooms informed of developments in Texas’ political landscape that could impact broadcast political advertising and candidate news coverage.

Training Programs

Stations save thousands of dollars and make many times that through TAB’s free online training services and affordable in-person workshops.  From Sales 101 to management and political topics, members have great resources for every member of their staff.

Newsroom Programs

TAB focuses on technological innovations, newsgathering mechanics, ethical decision-making and storytelling essentials with its annual Southwest Broadcast Newsroom Workshop.  In 2015, TAB set a new record for professional and student attendance at the event – a reflection of the quality and quantity of the newsroom training sessions provided at the workshop. With stations expanding their news programs but internal training resources dwindling, each newsroom workshop features training from local, state and national journalists.

Employee Recruitment

Complying with the FCC’s EEO rules and finding qualified employees can be complicated and time-consuming. TAB helps stations simplify the process with its online Job Bank, career expos and, a web-based program that helps stations with EEO recordkeeping required by the FCC.

Public Service, $4.98 Billion and Counting!

Radio and Television broadcasters’ localism is our strongest asset in the increasingly competitive media marketplace and in TAB's legislative advocacy.  No industry does more to advance Texas communities.  TAB’s annual public service research project documents broadcasters’ extraordinary efforts and reports aggregate numbers to lawmakers and regulators in Austin and DC.  Since 1998, TAB has documented more than $4.98 billion in public service to their communities – and that’s with an average of only 13% of stations responding!

Annual Convention & Trade Show

A “mini-NAB Vegas” brings sales, technology and legal experts to Austin.  Attracting more than 1,200 delegates and featuring 120+ exhibit booths, the event is the go-to program for owners, managers, sales teams and engineers.  It’s a fast-paced, hard-working day and a half in Central Texas with fees of only $65 to $160/person! Mark your calendar for the next few years, all at the JW Marriott in Downtown Austin.

  • July 29-30, 2020
  • August 3-4, 2021