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Newsman Looks for Work

Name: Charles Murphy
Location: Juneau, AK


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Thanks for reviewing my experiences and my resume.

I'm a small town guy.  I grew up in a town of 3,000 people and enjoy the small town life.

I'm a guy who loves radio and loves my job.

I have never worked a day in my life since 1987 when I got my first job in radio.

I will show up to work on time, work to earn respect and admiration in the community, and be a credit to your organization, if I'm hired.

I like meeting people, covering meetings, covering events and working long hours.

I routinely work two or three nights per week covering events and news because in a small market you have to go the extra mile to serve the community.

I think a radio station is vital in a small community.  I think of the job to be of service to the community, and going the extra mile to serve every listener.

I realize I don't have the greatest voice but I do have the ability to work hard and match any candidates effort in the job.

I'm honest and objective, and I try to capture both sides of the stories I cover.

I hope to hear from you and can promise you my best effort if I'm hired.

Thanks again,

Charles Murphy


News/Reporting, Sports