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NextGen Broadcast is Radio Too

August 3, 2022 – 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM
Location: 4th Fl., Sony Rm.
Fred Baumgartner

Categories: Radio, Technical, NextGen


NextGen Broadcast enabled by ATSC 3.0 is as much radio as it is TV. First transmissions now reach most of our population.

NextGen Broadcast’s OFDM on UHF “beach front property” spectrum outperforms our current medium wave and low-VHF radio spectrum dramatically.

With on-channel boosters, the Over-the-Air signal will seamlessly penetrate deep into buildings, transportation, and venues where AM and FM can’t reach.

NextGen Broadcast also allows radio the opportunity to access more data space, allowing radio to move beyond simple text and album art to more interactive and personalized audio services.

Most important, most NextGen broadcast devices have built in capability to return listener data in real time.

Even more important, is that the things we can now only do with streaming and digital distribution – dynamic ad insertion, richer content beyond album art and text, customized and subscription services – we will be able to do without the friction and impairments that are inherent on the Internet, as part of the NextGen Broadcast ecosystem.

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