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Read Anyone in 10 Seconds or Less

August 3, 2022 – 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM
Location: 4th Fl., Nexstar Rm.
Jody Holland
Special Live Music Performance from Chief Cleopatra
Sponsor(s): Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

Categories: Radio, Television, Managers, Sales

Each of us has had the experience of meeting a person and either immediately liking them or immediately knowing we wouldn’t want to hang out with them.

But why?

At the subconscious level, we all read who another person is.

What if you could know consciously who a person is, why they do the things they do, how they make decisions, learn, self-evaluate, and more?

What if you could know a person better than they know themselves simply by evaluating the structure of their face?

Face reading is the underground playbook that unlocks the 5 Key areas of who a person really is.

The 5 areas you will discover in this program are...

Decision-models – Learn whether a person is a logical or an emotional decision-maker. Learn how much time they need to make decisions and what approach you should take to persuade their decision-making.

Projection of Self – Learn the identity a person will project into the world. Are they optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, attention-seeking, subtle, action-oriented, great at handling stress and so much more? The projection of identity is a key area for understanding the manner in which we should interact with others.

Past Setbacks – Each person has faced things that shape their view of reality. Some create defensiveness. Others create confidence. Knowing when a person faced setbacks and how they are impacting the filtering of their experiences helps you know when to be cautious and when to be bold in interacting with them.

Self-Evaluation – The manner in which a person judges their progress in this world will determine their internal satisfaction. Whether managing another person or understanding what they will be looking for in an agreement made with them, this is critical information to ensure the success of the organization.

Learning and Information Processing – From the way in which we train our teams to the way in which a proposal should read, seeing the key areas of the face that unlock learning style will establish you as an authority in the mind of those you interact with. We each learn based on the aspect of the brain that is stimulated when absorbing new information. When we know how to adjust to their style, or to account for variations in style, the results we see will skyrocket!

Each of these five areas unlocks an additional piece to the puzzle of understanding anyone with whom you interact. You don’t want to miss your chance to give yourself an unfair advantage in unlocking who people really are!

BMI Presents Special Performance from Chief Cleopatra

Raised in Corsicana, songwriter Jalesa Jessie, aka Chief Cleopatra, always felt like an outsider. It is this outsider status, however, that has carried her all the way to the precipice of something big, with the March 2022 release of her second EP Luna, a follow-up to 2020’s S/T and her first on Park The Van Records.

Check out their music on Soundcloud

Chief Cleopatra was an official showcasing artist at South by Southwest in 2021 and 2022, was nominated by the Austin Music Awards for “Best New Artist” in 20Chief Cleopatra21, and was Austin’s KUTX’s Artist of the Month in February 2022.

She moved to Austin 2012, lured by the prospect of greater musical opportunities, and quickly connected with her longtime collaborator, guitarist Leonard Martinez. They began jamming with a series of bands together over the next few years, but when none of it panned out, the pair forged their own path and began producing music under Jessie’s new moniker, Chief Cleopatra, and released their first collaborative EP Lesa x Lenny Vol.1 in 2019.

From there, it’s been a constant rise. Her biggest inspiration these days is Tina Turner -- after watching the recent HBO documentary, she realized “I wanted to be the next black female rock star.”

And she’s well on her way - the band was quickly noticed by and featured in the Austin Chronicle, as well as by KUTX, performing on the station’s popular hip-hop and R&B show The Breaks in 2019, resulting in the band being invited to play the third annual Summer Jam in 2020.

Luna finds Chief delving deeper into those psychedelic soul roots and more experimental instrumentation, with featured production by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Walker Lukens and performances by Curtis Roush and Jack O’Brien (The Bright Light Social Hour).

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