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Lynn Claudy

Lynn Claudy will be presenting the "AM Revitalization" session on Thursday at 11 am.Lynn Claudy


Mr. Lynn Claudy serves as Senior Vice President of Science and Technology for the National Association of Broadcasters since February 1995, where he is responsible for representation of the NAB in all radio and television technical matters.

Mr. Claudy joined NAB in 1988 as a staff engineer and held positions of Director of Advanced Engineering and Technology and Vice President.

Prior to joining NAB, he was employed by Hoppmann Corporation, a communications systems integration firm where he held a variety of technical and management positions.

Previous to that, he was a development engineer at Shure Brothers Inc., a manufacturer of audio equipment. He serves as a Director of Advanced Television Systems Committee,Inc.

He is a member of IEEE, SMPTE, SBE and AES, and is on the Board of Directors for the Advanced Television Systems Committee.

Mr. Claudy has a bachelor of arts degree from Oberlin College, a BSEE from Washington University in St. Louis and an MSEE degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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