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Friends, broadcasters remember Ann Arnold

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I’m so sorry to hear of this news. She was truly one of a kind. My prayers will be with you all. - Bob Hall, KTXS-TV Abilene

I know she will be missed so very much. I am so sorry. I enjoyed seeing her at TAB. She was truly an amazing woman. She was instrumental force in the broadcast industry. - Teddye Read, Bayou City Broadcasting

I am so saddened to hear about Ann. She was a very special lady and will be missed by all her knew her. - Mike Mahone, Mahone Media Services

So sorry to learn of Ann's passing. We all know how valiantly she struggled with health issues over the years. My best to the TAB staff as you work your way through these difficult times. - Ron Klayman, Austin

I am so sad that she is no longer with us, but am extraordinarily privileged to have known her for these past few years. The Senator was saddened at the news. He remembers her fondly also. Please keep us posted on the service. She paved a way for so many. Her legacy lives on. - Michelle Chin, Sen. Cornyn's Office

This is very sad news, and we'll be sure to let Senator Hutchison know. I'm very sorry for your loss, and my thoughts are with you, Ann's family, and the Texas broadcast community. - David Quinalty, Senate Commerce/Science/Transportation Committee

My deepest condolences to the family and the TAB staff. Please keep me updated on the services. I would very much like to attend. - Randy Brigham, Sony

May you all at TAB find peace in knowing the Ann passed without pain and suffering and that she got to live her life doing what she loved.  How fitting she passed away at her desk. Although she had many years where she may not have been 100%...I'm very thankful that when her life here on earth ended she died with dignity and grace, as best fits her. My thoughts are with you all. - Laura Grott, Wyoming Broadcasters Association

I’m so very sorry to hear about Ann’s death.  My thoughts are with the entire TAB family.  Ann was a remarkable woman and will be missed by many. My deepest condolences to Ann’s family, and to you and your colleagues. - Sylvia Komatsu, KERA/KXT Dallas-Fort Worth

This is horrible news.  I am so sorry to hear this and Congressman McCaul will be as well.  I know how much Ann meant to TAB and broadcasters across the state. My sincere condolences to all. - Mike Rosen, Congressman McCaul's office

Let me add my sincere condolencesI know this must be a severe blow and if there is anything we can do to help you or her family, we would be honored to be asked. Grace and I will keep her family and the TAB family in our constant prayers. - Steve Fogle, Jackson Walker LLP

I'm so sad to hear. - Christine Martinez-Escobar, Univision TV Austin

Very sad to read this news.  I have many fond memories of working with Ann and the TAB way back when.  Her guidance and knowledge of all things political was so helpful to so many of us.  Ann's strength during this on-going battle was always inspirational to me.  I know the Texas broadcast family will miss her. May God bless Ann Arnold and her family. - Stan Webb, 1991 TAB Chairman

So sorry to hear about Ann. Keep us informed. - Mike Lout & Debbie Foster, KJAS Jasper

For me, it is also hard to accept Ann’s passing because she has always been that gutsy protector of some many people.  For her husband who had been in that terrible automobile accident so many years ago.  Ann’s children whom she loved so much.  All broadcasters who call Texas their home.  Every man, woman and child residing within the borders of the great State of Texas, for they have long been the beneficiaries of Ann’s public trusteeship prowess which is the heart and soul of the Texas Association of Broadcasters and its broadcasters. And through her singular work, along with her NASBA and NAB colleagues, to improve the Nation’s Emergency Alert System, Ann sought to protect hundreds of millions of Americans throughout our country.  Ann did all this while battling mightily her own illnesses.Ann had uncommon determination and resilience. - Richard Zaragoza, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Please pass along my condolences to all of the TAB staff. My thoughts and prayers are with Ann’s family. - Boomer Kingston, Townsquare Media San Angelo

I was deeply sorrowed to hear of Ann's passing. When I first came to GAB and attended my first NASBA meeting, Miss Ann (as I called her) was warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home. Her sweet smile and gentle demeanor certainly masked the strong and articulate executive she was for the Texas (and all) Broadcasters. I counted it a privilege to know her and call her my friend. To pass in your workplace certainly underscores her dedication. - Jere Pigue, Georgia Association of Broadcasters

I am so very sorry to learn about Ann. She was such a gift to not only Texas broadcasters but to all our State Associations. I have had the opportunity to work with five state associations and none were as we'll run as Texas. It will be a loss to no longer have her shining light to guide the association. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the the rest of the staff for your loss. - Diane Sutter, Shooting Star Broadcasting

Ann will be greatly missed. - Bud Cantrell, Daystar Television Network

This is terrible. Anne-Marie was just remarking how well she looked at the convention. Please do keep us up on the arrangements. - Bill and AM Carter, San Angelo

Ann, thanks you for your long time service, leadership and dedication. My prayer is for you, the staff and your family. - Bob Hicks, Texas Pioneer Broadcaster

I am so very sorry. I'm just speechless.  Ann and I shared  a special closeness as we are the same age. She would call me some times late in the evening just to talk things over.   My prayers are with the TAB family. If we can do anything let me know. - Karole White, Michigan Association of Broadcasters

I retired from NBC as a Affiliate Relations Regional Director in 1998. One of my regions in those 25 years as an Affiliate rep was the Southwest and I visited all the NBC Texas television stations many times and never missed a TAB convention. Of all the states I traveled to over those years, and I had the Mid-south and Western/Mountain regions at different times as well, Texas had, by far, the best conventions. And, Ann was the principle reason. I was always impressed with her friendliness, enthusiasm and passion for our industry. She obviously knew all the members personally which made the whole event almost a "family" affair. Back then it always seemed to me the entire industry was more of a family. I made many life-long friends and Ann epitomized the "ties-that-bound" us altogether as broadcasters. Please accept my sincere sympathy and extend it to her family and friends and anyone else who remembers those great days. - Peter Flynn, Durham, NH