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Friends, broadcasters remember Ann Arnold

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Ann was a difference maker and a great friend.  Sincere condolences to all she touched and loved. We will look forward to honoring her memory more formally. - Paul Watler, Jackson Walker LLP

Such an impressive career and life. Our condolences to everyone at TAB. - Brian Benschoter, KUT Austin

I feel so grateful  to have known Ann and to have worked with her, especially on the EAS Committee – such a true passion for her. Her tenacity was what hit me the most – talk about fighting for what she believed it.  We can all learn something from that. My heart goes out to the TAB staff. The imprint she left is truly amazing.The TAB will continue to be one of the very best broadcast associations in the country and will grow even more under your leadership. I cannot wait to watch it happen. - Michelle Vetterkind, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

I am deeply saddened. Ann Arnold was a tremendous and devoted leader nationally for the Broadcast industry and the National Association of Broadcast Executives. During my near 20 years with the Wisconsin Association, I had the opportunity to work with her on a number of issues such as EEO, EAS and NASBA's own Ciritical Issues Fund. There were few others among our members and our leadership with her well-reasoned and steadfast qualities. My own measure of a person's life is that she or he has left the world a better place no matter how wide their circle of influence has been.  In the sphere she and I lived together,Ann has done that; without qualification.
Please share my deepest sympathies with your staff and TAB's leadership. - John Laabs, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation

I am quite saddened by the news of Ann's death. My thoughts and prayers are with all the staff at TAB.  I will always remember Ann for her kindness and generosity to me during a difficult time in my career.  I admired her for her tireless efforts on behalf of broadcasters, journalists and missing chileren (Amber Alert). May God rest her soul and bless each of you as you carry on her legacy and the work she so loved. - Bruce Whiteaker

I just heard the the sad news of Ann's passing. I was very fond of Ann. She inspired us all with her intense passion and great wisdom on the matters of broadcasting! She was always the "brightest one in the room!" A room filled with her radiant smile! God, she will be missed! - Joe Reilly, New York State Broadcasters Association

What a great Lady and Friend...If there's anything I can do, let me know. - Gil Garcia, Clear Channel Austin

My heartfelt condolences go out to Mrs. Arnold’s family, TAB’s staff and all the broadcasters in the state of Texas. I had the fortune of knowing Mrs. Arnold for only a short time, but immediately recognized her strengths as a leader and a visionary. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help ease this painful period for Mrs. Arnold’s family and TAB. - Justin Sasso, Colorado Broadcasters Association

I know that there are many who knew Ann for far longer than I… I learned much from her over the last 10 years… she had a great handle on policy issues and politics, and certainly no one understood, or was a more passionate advocate, for EAS than Ann.  And that she did all that she did, while facing tremendous tragedy and obstacles in her family and with her health, is truly amazing.  We shared dinner one night several years ago, just the two of us, during which she shared stories from her childhood (witnessing the challenges of desegregation in schools first hand), her early career as a reporter, her relationship with her husband before his accident, and her own health.   I’ve often thought about that conversation – it provided such a personal account of how much our world has changed, and gave me great perspective on what’s important in life…  She was a wonderful woman, and I am grateful for the interest and great counsel she provided to me. - Christine Merritt, Ohio Association of Broadcasters

Sorry to hear, we improved TAB's financial situation under her supervision. Easy to work with, regardless of her health. - Ken Lane, Pioneer Texas Broadcaster

That is a shock. Ann was an exceptional Texan, and she will be missed. I'm very sorry for your loss. - Barry Marks, KOSA-TV Midland-Odessa

I am so saddened.  Ann was a great advocate for Texas broadcasters and personally helpful to me.  I am out of state but would appreciate information on services and where to officially extend condolences. - Shelly Kofler, KERA-TV Dallas-Fort Worth

We will keep her in our prayers. It is a great loss for our industry. - Jose Ribsas, Puerto Rico Broadcasters Association

My thoughts and prayers are with Ann and her family. She was an amazing person and a gifted leader. She will be missed. - David Loving, Univision Communications Houston

BDS is very sorry to hear about Ann's death. Please make sure we're informed of further arrangements. - Ric Gregory, Broadcast Digital Systems

How incredibly sad. Ann enriched my life in many ways. She was, first of all, a good friend and beyond that, a visionary leader for the TAB and broadcasters everywhere. Let us know if there is an appropriate way to honor her. Please also express my deepest sympathies to her family and many friends. - Chip Babcock, Jackson Walker LLP

This is hard news.  Ann was truly a giant and an inspiration to us all.  She was apparently working up to the last hour of her life. - Joe Larsen, Sedgwick LLP

Bonnie, my sons and I are greatly saddened by this news and offer our heartfelt prayers and wishes for peace and consolation during this difficult time. Ann was a true leader and a pioneer, as a woman who defied the boys club in good ol'Texas, branding your magnificent state with her unmistakable candor, wisdom and talent. From her time with LBJ, to her passionate advocacy of our EAS, she was a warm and wonderful woman who will be dearly missed. I am forever grateful for her kindnesses and leadership, especially as I began my NASBA journey almost  four years ago today. She reached out to me in friendship with grace and an eagerness to embrace as well as mentor, and I shall be forever grateful for her guidance and courtesies. Texas is a grand and big state for sure, but it's heart is a little smaller today, and that void will never be filled. God bless you and your TAB family, as well as Ann's, as you continue the important work of leading and advocating on behalf of the industry Ann, and all of us, love! - Paul Rotella, New Jersey Broadcasters Association

What awful news!  Ann has always been the most energetic, positive, and enthusiastic person around.  It will be hard to imagine Austin and especially TAB without her. I can't imagine what I could do to be of help but, if you think of anything, please let me know.  There are many, many of us out here who share your loss. - Jane Wallace, 1997 TAB Chairman

I'm so sorry. - Dennis Upah, Remedy Health Media

She was truly remarkable. We stand with you in any way possible to honor such an exemplary person. - Bob Latham, Jackson Walker LLP

So sorry to hear the news - David Stewart, KBXJ / KPET Lamesa

This is terribly sad news.  My profound condolences to you, to Texas broadcasters and to Texas.  Ann’s efforts to improve broadcasting and her championship of broadcasters’ role in providing information and guidance in times of emergency will always be remembered. - Gregg Skall, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice LLP

I am so profoundly sorry. - Paul Gleiser, Gleiser Communications

I join all Texas Broadcasters, current and retired, and you and our TAB staff, in grief over Ann’s passing. - Jerry Green, Pioneer Broadcaster

Thank you for letting me know. - Johnny Lathrop, Townsquare Media Tyler-Longview

I am so sad. I will miss her. - Vesta Brandt, 1994 TAB Chairman

I'm really sorry to hear about Ann. She was such a great leader and will truly be missed. Our prayers are with her and her family. - Jorge Montoya, WOAI-TV San Antonio

I am very sorry to hear of Ann's passing. I suppose it is fitting that she was in the office. I know this is a difficult time for all of you. Take care. - Kathy Ramsey, News Corp.

Ann Arnold was a great leader for our industry.We will all miss her! - Mike McDonald, Clear Channel Austin

Thanks for letting me know about this very sad news. It was only fitting that Ann was in her office when she passed away. She was a remarkable woman and advocate for Texas..what a courageous life she lead. We will all miss her. - Guy Kerr, Belo