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Friends, broadcasters remember Ann Arnold

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Sad news... Ann was a unique lady, role model, mentor and force of nature. It's hard to image a TAB meeting or event without her. - Steve Krant, Creative Technology Associates

Ann Arnold welcomed me in the early 80s to Texas. I was a first time General Manager and I wanted to touch and do everything. I expressed interest in the TAB and she took me under her wing. She helped me understand and appreciate the unique role that Radio plays in politics here in Texas. Once I got my sea legs, Ann was there to gently cajole my participation in reaching out to legislators and explain the TAB position. Ann always made time to find out what you needed and what she could do to help your station succeed.  My experience on the TAB board gave me a chance to see her leadership in action. Ann built a powerful team of people to support the effort. If you were in the halls of Congress in Washington, everyone knew Ann Arnold. Texas has a tradition of amazing high achieving women, like Gov. Ann Richards and Representative Barbara Jordan. Add Ann Arnold to the list of special women who have given so much to something they truly love. She will be missed. - Dan Halyburton, Texas State Networks

Mr. Adams shared our sadness in the passing of Ann. But I wanted to pass along my personal concern as Ann was such a wonderful lady, she was kind and available for us.  More than anything she always made me feel welcome and had that Texas hospitality.  I did not know she was a journalist and was quite the trailblazer.  No wonder she always asked lots of good questions and wouldn’t give up on the subject till she had the whole story. God Bless Ann Arnold and her family. - Matthew Straeb, GSSNet

I have such wonderful memories of Ann.  In my entire career, she was one of the most caring, talented and intelligent leaders with whom I ever had the pleasure of collaborating.  She was as comfortable working on behalf of the smallest one-station radio market in Texas as she was with the largest corporate groups nationally.  She dreamed big for our entire industry and her lose is truly enormous.  Linda and I are so saddened by her passing and send our warmest wishes to all Texans. - Don Perry, 2004 TAB Chairman

I know we all will miss Ann, but you all who worked with her intimately each day all these years must ache inside. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. She was an amazing and classy lady. I’ll never forget the first time she bent over and kissed me on the cheek at my first board meeting years ago. I was moved that someone so important would be so friendly and notice me and our little company! It also occurred to me how in character it was for her to be working on a Holiday weekend. That’s our Ann. I know the best is yet to come for the TAB. She would want it that way, - Steve & Karren & Crew, Broadcast Works

Ann was such a special person to me.  I can remember the office before the new building was built.  Ann was a mentor like no other.  She was smart, tenacious and would not take no for an answer.  I learned so much from her.  She helped the dream of a TAB building come true and in a very strategic location just blocks from the Capital.  She had genuine concern not only for  Texas Broadcasting but for the broadcasters as well.  I believe many of her dreams for the Texas Broadcasters became a reality.   I know I am a better person and Broadcaster because of knowing her. - Jackie Rutledge, WOAI-TV San Antonio

Please know that we at Broadcast Site Management are deeply saddened to hear of Ann's untimely passing.  She was a true leader and consummate broadcast professional.  I know she will be missed by all.  Our condolences to the entire TAB staff who knew her best. - George Schank, BSM