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About TAB

TAB strives to promote and protect a favorable economic and regulatory climate for broadcasting and educate members and the public at large about the opportunities available and advances possible through the efforts of free, over-the-air broadcast operations.

  • Austin-based trade association representing the interests of Texas' 1,200+ free, over-the-air radio and television stations
  • Formed in 1953; established permanent home in Austin in 1999
  • Seven full-time staff members
  • 40-member policymaking Board of Directors

Memberships open to:

  • Free, over-the-air radio and television stations (commercial & non-commercial operations)
  • Companies doing business with the broadcast industry
  • Current students or educators
  • Individuals who are retired from the broadcast industry

Dues income is the only source of revenue used for legislative advocacy. All other member services are funded by the NCSA program.